August 3, 2012

irish medium format, roll 2

Second roll of my Yashica's adventure in Europe:

  1. an important building in Trim?
  2. an old door covered in ivy, Trim
  3. First view of the monastic settlement at Glendalough
  4. A mossy forrest, Glendalough
  5. Upper lake, Glendalough
  6. Upper lake take 2, because the ducks were cute
  7. hike at Glendalough
  8. Pints and the Irish flag
  9. Rock of Cashel in the sun
  10. view from the top of Blarney castle
  11. Blarney castle looking impressive (the wall leans slightly inward to exaggerate its grandeur)
  12. Beacon walk in Baltimore (oops, haven't blogged this day yet)
Shot on Fuji Pro 400H


  1. THOSE PURPLE TREES oh my god they are amazing! Were you in a fairy forest or something?

  2. These seriously make my heart skip a beat. HELLAWOW.


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