October 26, 2011

k in the park

This morning I got together with my cousin and her daughter to take some fall-y photos.  I took a few photos of her last Christmas...boy has she grown!  Shooting a 17-month-old at a park (complete with playground) was definitely not as easy as I might have thought...I guess practice makes perfect!  Successful child photographers: you have my respect!

I recently started up a Facebook page for my photography...there are more photos there and I'll continue adding as I shoot more portraits/other things (like this Friday!)

OH!  And on another note, I made a point of shooting with my (crappy) zoom lens set around 85mm to see if I liked the focal length for portraits.  I think I do.  85mm f1.8, be mine!


  1. Ooh yay! I love the pumpkin one! And try chasing around one of those mini speedy babies all day, it's exhausting :) But it looks like you did a good job getting her to chill out.

  2. She's cute! Love the contrast of the last one!
    I'll have to do some research on the 85.


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