October 10, 2011


This weekend:

  • happy hour and then good music out in the street
  • a day at an amusement park with Evin, our first trip to one together and my first trip for probably six years.  We got to ride most of the stuff we wanted to before it got crowded, and we hung around for the Halloween festivities after dark but it was too packed to really do anything.  The one attraction we did wait in line for was pretty lame and totally not worth the wait, but we did get some amusement in line, watching park workers scare some teenage girls repeatedly into a corner. The fog and lights were really fun to look at, but while walking around, you have to focus on the people around you or else get scared witless.  I'd have liked to wander the place with my real camera, minus the terrifying distractions, but I think some of the shots I got with my trusty old Powershot A75 are alright, thanks to the handy manual settings
  • a couple of Sunday hours at the grocery store, eating lunch, browsing wine, drinking coffee
  • an elementary school playground for awhile with the pup
  • wine tasting/dinner with my parents and friends
  • wonderful weather for it all!
I've just put a roll of film in the mailbox to be processed and am about to load up a roll of Ektar (my ver first!!) into my Konica for the changing of the leaves.  I've got some tentative portraits lined up, so that's also something to look forward to in the coming weeks!


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