October 24, 2011

penn weekend in the fall

Evin, Finley and I spent the weekend at his grandparents' house in a tiny town in Pennsylvania.  It was wonderfully relaxing and decidedly autumn...the drive north revealed fewer and fewer leaves on the trees and the temperature was chilly!  We visited farm markets and took the dogs to the farm and made candies and ate tasty food.  Finley made plenty of friends and got into a bit of typical puppy trouble!


  1. what wonderful photos! :) the halloween candies are so cute! & i love the photos of the little white flowers & the apples! oh i love fall! :)

  2. haha i had to laugh when i saw the dog tail and then the spilled kibble! the joys of dog ownership :) it looks like it was chilly up there!! i wish some of it would come down here....i just bought a winter coat and tomorrow it's supposed to be almost 70 degrees!


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