September 5, 2011

september wildflowers

I came out of Labor Day weekend with a bunch of photos of yellow flowers and that's about it.  It was a nice weekend, spent with my parents and Evin and wine, but on the photography front it was nothing spectacular.  Can anyone ID these daisy-like flowers?  They're covering (beautifully) every field I drove past on my way home this afternoon and I'm curious to know what they are (there's a bouquet on my windowsill that's currently full of blooms shut up tight for the evening...I hope they open back up in the morning!)

Other notes:  I didn't edit these photos because I'm horribly lazy.
For future reference: don't touch strange fences.  I'm pretty sure the fence in the last half of these photos was electric and had I been shocked (I think I came close) I would have been lying, electrocuted, on the side of the road with camera in hand and no help to be found (I was alone, pulling over to take flower photos on my drive home)
Also, I'm waiting for news on puppies...last Thursday my parents told me they're getting me a puppy for my birthday (!!!!!) and I'm hugely excited (and impatient) for the day to come when I can finally bring a little doggy home!  We're looking at labradoodles and goldendoodles and I will surely be posting more information when it becomes available :D

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