September 11, 2011


The froth had a yucky yellow color...

The shell is a Christmas cute!


Groom sang a song he wrote for his bride, then they got up and sang another song together.  Very cute!

During the toasts


Tippy dock

Bouquet tossing...I guess a bunch of other flashes went off as I snapped this

10cent skeeball

An arcade game involving chucking these balls at things on the screen.  LOVED it.

We didn't "buy" anything with our tickets...probably should have left them there for someone else.

Candy Kitchen

Sooooo hungry for ice cream! (we didn't get any)
This weekend I went with Evin and his family to his cousin's wedding in Delaware.  The wedding itself was held on the beach at a state park and the reception was held at a nearby marina with a cute beachy theme.  I didn't know anyone, really, but it was still enjoyable and it was nice to get away for the weekend.  We drove up Saturday morning, went to the wedding at 3 and the reception afterward until bedtime, then this morning we explored Rehoboth a tiny bit by walking the boardwalk before heading home.  I'm glad I got to walk in sand and stick my toes in the ocean this summer...hopefully I can do so for more than a few minutes next time!

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  1. oh my goodness as i was scrolling through this, some of the places looked familiar and then when i saw the dolleys sign it was like BAM, rehoboth. i love that place, it's my absolute favorite


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