September 26, 2011

birthday weekend

Finley matches the leaves


Moss roof

"This is not ferny"...we wandered around looking for a supposed "fern valley" in the woods.  It wasn't very ferny at all.

Our table for my birthday dinner

Love the unframed (canvas?) photos hanging on the exposed idea to remember for the future
My dinner: 12oz ribeye, yukon gold potato mash with LOCAL brown butter, creamed corn with bacon and sage, whiskey cider jus (sorry I'm not sorry there was no green on my plate) 
Evin's dinner: rack of lamb, mashed potatoes, lemon sea salt asparagus, chimichurri sauce
Special birthday dessert!  Truffles!

This funny to me

Prepare to see a zillion (ish) photos of this red barn 

Finley's first bowl of puppy ice cream
Big dog little dog

"Old age sucks" lol

This dog.  He LOVES to lay on cold floors.

Couldn't not pull over for this photo.

I spent the weekend at Evin's house to celebrate my birthday (which is this Wednesday).  It was wonderfully relaxing, my favorite part being our dinner at a nice restaurant in town.  Finley got to meet Evin's family's dog, Baloo, whose picture has been on my blog before (he's an old German Shorthaired Pointer) and they coexisted and even played a bit, but Baloo didn't hesitate to growl when puppy-Finley started to get on his nerves.  We went on plenty of walks and watched Community and ate good food and hung out with friends and I got books, perfume, and some chocolate for my birthday (plus a delicious cake, whose photo is on my phone and therefore not in this blog post) and it was all very lovely :)

(the last few photos are from my drive home this morning, so wonderfully foggy, I guess they count as part of the weekend right?)


  1. oh i am so super duper in love with your dog... so is auden, that's why he sends you blank texts. seriously, that face it is just too much cute!

    the really funny thing is the text had your number but not your name as if he had typed it out and knew your number by heart.

  2. Your dog is so adorable. Also, there are so many incredible shots in this post. Yeah...i'm gonna go look through them again. =)


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