September 12, 2011

apple orchard

I have always...always...ALWAYS loved to pick (and eat!) apples in the fall.  The past four falls I spent in Blacksburg in school and missed the treat of driving out to the same orchard each year and picking apples, dripping apple cider ice pops down our faces and arms, and eating slices of apples fresh off the tree (the best kind).  This year I finally got to go again, and my puppy came with me (and he behaved so nicely!).  It was a family trip, the kind we seldom take anymore...parents in the front seat, kids in the backseat, and puppy sitting in the middle.  We arrived at the orchard right around their closing time, so unfortunately we were kind of rushed, but it was beautiful and tasty and so lovely to kick off fall with a lovely, nostalgic tradition.  We took little sips of apple cider and that did it.  I'm ready for autumn.

*I edited these photos one way (with a preset) but then decided to create a new preset and replace them...I think the processing is a little more appropriate now.  I'm trying to be more patient with editing and create a bunch of Lightroom presets I can use (which should also teach me what settings do what)

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  1. OMG the last one of your puppy is SO cute!


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