December 12, 2012

sweet potato & apple soup

I'm going to be able to start working from home a bit more, which means more opportunity to make a hot (or cold...either way) lunch, and photograph it in natural light!  I love soup, and there's a big box of sweet potatoes in the garage, so I decided to attempt a sweet potato concoction.  After doing a bit of searching (and eliminating recipes that required ingredients not on-hand) I decided on a sweet potato and apple soup.  My method, based on multiple recipe findings, is below...


3 very large sweet potatoes, washed
2 apples, peeled and diced
1 large or 2 small onions, diced
1 TB butter
salt and pepper to taste
1 qt low-sodium chicken broth

Heat oven to 400F.  Line a cookie sheet with foil, prick potatoes with fork, and place on pan in oven.  Cook until potatoes are soft (I started with 40 minutes, took them out of the oven and sliced in half, but they weren't even close to finish and it took another 45 minutes.  They could have cooked even longer!).

While potatoes are cooking, melt butter in large pot.  Cook apples for a few minutes, until they begin to soften.  Add onions and continue to cook.  Season with salt and pepper.

When potatoes have finished cooking, slice in half and scoop the flesh into the pot.  Add chicken stock and warm through.  Remove from heat, then blend with immersion blender (or in batches in a regular blender).  Enjoy!

This soup is gluten-free and could easily be made vegetarian or vegan by substituting vegetable broth and olive oil for the chicken broth and butter.  I think you can play with it (I did!) to see what you'll come up with!

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