December 10, 2012

through countryside

 I love my fiancĂ© because he gets me.  We were driving home from decorating gingerbread houses yesterday afternoon through gorgeous, hilly countryside in drizzle and fog.  I'll take that weather over blinding sun more times than not (unless, of course, I'm trying to go swimming or get a tan) and this scenic road, one we haven't traveled on much, was blowing me away.  I took a few shots out the window (I like motion blur in the front of an image sometimes) but Evin saw a place to pull off next to a beautiful field I was eyeing and stopped for me.  :)!  I was able to shoot moody-looking cows and fluffy golden grass (I saved my favorite picture, below, for last...look at those rain jewels!  Since you can't get the full effect without zooming in to 100%, I'm posting a crop, too).  It's nice to have support for something you love to do--thanks for gracefully putting up with my photo habit, Evin :)

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  1. My fave is the third shot down of the road


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