April 9, 2012

one roll in one day





A whole roll of film in a day...Easter Sunday to be exact.  And not one photo of an Easter egg!
I did dye eggs, actually, but hadn't loaded this roll of film into my Minolta until afterwards, and figured I probably wouldn't get this film developed in time for egg photos to be relevant, so I skipped it.  Turns out this film was shot and developed in less than 48 hours, but that wasn't the initial plan.
So over the weekend, Finley got his first taste of swimming lessons.  Having access a lake house and all, and his past affinity for splashing around, I've been dying to get him in the water.  It still isn't warm enough for me to swim, but I did wade and Evin got in to help Finley learn to relax in the water (rather than trying to stay vertical, which causes him to splash a lot and get more tired than he probably needs to).    I felt like such a proud mom every time he flopped in the water after his tennis ball.  We all can't wait for the summer :)
Other happenings: a walk, lots of flowers (as you can see...) and finally a nice bottle of Merlot on the porch after we got home.  I love corks that have the year printed on them...hence the very last photo!
I'm seeing more streaks and leaks out of this camera (though not as pronounced as the last roll).  I'm guessing it's a camera issue and not the development process (though my initial thought was careless processing).  Perhaps I'll try taping some corners and seeing if it helps?


  1. i always enjoy when theres so much to shoot.
    to me a roll a day is a day that has been good.

    i've noticed some of the leaks on your shots too; but its not consistent-taping it would be my first solution, second would be to just replace the foam seals in the rear door with some stuff from home depot that you can cut to size, that seems to work real well.

    the purple verticals (or horizontals) you see faintly are from the scanner, if you remove the scanner holder and clean the area left for it to calibrate, those purple lines should go away.

    on my v500, the upper most section of the film holder has a gap, accompanied by a "do not enter" looking symbol, this is where the scanner scans for a blank area.

    Gotta love when film equipment ages, it's like it's alive.

    Lovely shots by the way, spring definitely is more prominent where you are!! Snow is in the forecast for wednesday here.

  2. i don't think i've shot a roll in a day since we did the first film swap [actually i might have taken a couple days for that one]... other than the revolog roll which hardly counts since it's only 12 exposures. love finley and lilacs.

  3. I really like your pictures, I think what captures my attention in your photographs is the way that they were taken, I mean spontaneously, there is definitely a story within them.


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