April 25, 2012

april showers

The final photos from my visit to Blacksburg...Sunday I got to meet up with Holly (and her adorable son Auden) for a few photos.  We wandered around the horticulture garden on campus (where I spent so many of my days in college) with the clouds threatening to rain at any second.  She'd intended to work on our swapped roll of film, but her Canon Elan (a pretty advanced film camera) could detect that the film had already been shot and wouldn't allow it to be shot again!  So, we had to take a trip back to her house and grab the much less advanced (but totally perfect for this, given the issue with the Elan)  Holga (and check out all the plants she's got growing!).  After that it was to the park for a few shots but our hands were pretty unhappy from the damp cold (and I was hungry) so we didn't stay long.
Holly, it was great to actually get to hang out!  I'll be back!


  1. AWWW :) These things look really familiar. And I have creepy old lady hands, I'm going to make a note to start moisturizing more often. It's funny how different all these things look through someone else's eyes!

  2. I love flowers :) This photos are great :)


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