April 26, 2012

things i love

  • dappled light...one of my many FAVORITE parts of the leafy seasons
  • reading books in bed
  • seeing my work in print...two little blurbs in the newest issue of Flavor and one wine-y photo, plus I wrote a wine trail map in another magazine!
  • the above photo...it's from almost a year ago and this week it's making me SO happy.  Something about the light I think...it's got me motivated to dust off the Konica and give it another go.
  • Also, daisies...in the above photo, and everywhere else. Obviously they could go in every week's TILT post, I mean look at my URL, but this week they get a special shoutout :)
  • when people say Good Morning (or write it in a note, like the one I found on my desk this morning!)

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