April 1, 2012

lake spring

One part homemade meals using chicken, one part fishing, one part dogwood flowers...combine for one weekend blog post!

  1. garlic and rosemary...lots of it!
  2. chicken with 40 cloves, ready to go into the oven
  3. the finished product...pretty darn tasty if I do say so myself!
  4. the lake on a beautiful spring Sunday afternoon (happy April!)
  5. fishin'
  6. a mossy point
  7. sunflare!
  8. Fin looking all adorable
  9. sunning turtles, check out the size of the one in the middle!
  10. marinated and grilled chicken with my attempt at cilantro lime rice and a black bean dish on the side
  11. gratuitous photo of flowers
  12. " "
  13. " "
  14. " "
  15. " "
;) Hope you had a lovely weekend!

*Don't mind the watermark...I hope it doesn't detract too much from general image viewing (it shouldn't)...lately I've just been uncomfortable with the idea of posing my photos online with no evidence of copyright whatsoever. I know there are people out there (but not readers of this blog, I hope!) who feel entitled to any image they might see on the internet. I know there's really no stopping determined web-lurkers, but for now I've added my name at the bottom and will likely continue to do so. If only there was a way to do it retroactively all the way back to December 2010! 

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    1. I didn't even notice the watermark till i read your bit at the bottom!


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