May 26, 2011

daisies in a mason jar

I'll be trying to bring flowers in as much as I can this summer--even if they're just "weeds" (I put it in parentheses because I don't think a daisy should ever be considered a weed).  These bright, happy daisies look so beautiful in the morning when the sun streams through the big bay window in the breakfast nook.  I can't not take photos of them!
These three photos were taken yesterday--I was sitting at the table trying to finish up my roll of film and I had it all rewound and everything when the light came in to make these great shadows.  I kicked myself for my poor timing, but my D7000 did a fair enough job of capturing the pretty sight anyway.

*I have prints from three rolls of film sitting on my windowsill BEGGING to be scanned.  The minute I can get my scanner hooked up, I'll start sharing!

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