May 16, 2011

graduation weekend!

Thanks, bro

His parents must be proud. 

Well, I am officially a Virginia Tech alum with a BS in Hospitality and Tourism Management.  The weekend was lovely (but rainy) and full of excitement.  Friday morning I went on a walk around campus with Evin, his mom, and his grandma, where I took photos in the garden and generally enjoyed the sunshine.  Then my parents arrived, we attempted to pack up my apartment, and then we got dinner with Evin's family in Christiansburg before the University Commencement ceremony at 7:30.  Evin and I opted to sit in the stands rather than on the field in our caps and gowns, and boy am I glad we did!  Ten minutes into the ceremony it started to pour and shortly thereafter, lightning was spotted and the whole thing was called off.  We were able to quickly get to shelter, while the grads on the field had a bit farther to go.  At my apartment later on, I was given my graduation presents, which included a handmade quilt from my grandparents and a brandy-new camera (Nikon D7000) from my parents!
Saturday morning, Evin had his graduation at 8am but I unfortunately didn't attend.  My family met up with his for lunch and margaritas at Cabo Fish Taco and then I headed to my graduation in Cassel Coliseum.  The lights went out just before it was scheduled to begin (thanks to a storm outside) and the building isn't air conditioned, so the temperature was quite uncomfortable.  My dad had my (new) camera and my 70-300 lens, and I was trying to explain how to set ISO sensitivity to him over the phone as I sat on the basketball court.  After I got my diploma, we took some photos around campus and that was that.  Delicious dinner and beer samplers at Bull and Bones and then it was pretty much time for bed!
I got home last night after completely moving out of my apartment and then driving up through Virginia again.  Since I was basically living in two rooms and now I only have one, I'm cleaning out and overhauling my bedroom this week.  Should keep me plenty busy!

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