February 17, 2014

sweet treats

When I saw the cover of the March issue of Martha Stewart Living, I think I squealed a little bit.  It's a super gorgeous shot of an array of macarons in punchy colors and it promises to teach you how to make these pretty little cookies at home.  I had purchased almond meal to try making macarons before, but I just ended up making a mess.  The magazine inspired me to try again, and the instructions led me almost straight to success!  On our snow day last week, I tried a chocolate peppermint batch, but I learned that my oven is a liar and bakes hotter than it says, so they got a little toasty.  However, an abundance of egg whites from other cooking adventures and an inspiration to get it right led me to try again.  Recently I have been all about working in the kitchen to learn and perfect important techniques, and clearly my current fixation is the perfect macaron (or, more realistically, a passable and consistent macaron).
I feel like there are a lot of people out there who are fascinated by these little cookies (and also a lot of people who are confused about them, calling them macaroons which are an entirely different creation).  They are delicious and light and just so adorable and I think being able to make them at home is awesome.  Plus, it gives me something to point my camera at… ;)
Above, the pink ones are vanilla with strawberry jam filling, and the yellow ones are lemon.

And, side note, I finally got my hands on those blue and white IKEA dish towels, so…they made the perfect backdrop!
It's supposed to warm up a bit this week, and my hyacinth is blooming and smelling wonderful.  Spring isn't quite here yet, but it is drawing near and that is a very good thing!

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