July 5, 2012

our rainy arrival

Alright...I guess now is as good a time as ever to start sharing this mound of Irish photos I've got sitting on my hard drive here.  I act like I've been putting it off for months but we only just got back last week.  Crazy, really.
So this was our first day.  It wasn't the first day of vacation I guess, since we started traveling Thursday morning, but we landed in Ireland at the crack of dawn (I say that but the crack of dawn is something like 3:30am and we did get there a little later than that) Friday.  Our plane seats were pretty great...we got to sit in the two seats on the edge so we had our own little section and I got the window.  Unfortunately, the gorgeous green landscape I was looking forward to peeking at through the glass was hidden beneath a layer of clouds that seemed miles thick.  Maybe it was.  So I couldn't see much at all during the descent and when we landed the window was covered in raindrops.  Typical.  Welcome to Ireland.
We collected our bags and took a taxi to Evin's grandparents house, arriving between 5 and 6am (I can't remember exactly).  After a bit of chat, we took a glorious several-hour nap to ward off exhaustion, but couldn't turn it into a full sleep if we hoped to beat the jetlag.  So we got up, had afternoon tea (little sandwiches and sweets) and decided to brave the rain to walk with grandpa down to the local pub for a pint.  I loved this.  Not the rain, per se, but having a pint of beautiful Irish beer with Evin and his grandfather in a cozy pub was so wonderful.  The man cracks me up...Evin offered to buy the round and his grandpa practically shouted, "sit down and shut up or I'll have you thrown out of here!" because that's the sort of thing he says and it is absolutely hysterical.  We enjoyed our fine Irish stout and I took a few too many photos of it (and it wasn't just a first-day thing...I was shooting my Guinness all trip long, just wait and see) before it was time to leave.  The old man always insists on doing the dishes, so he rounded up our glasses and put them on the bar.

At home we enjoyed Friday night F+Cs (fish and chips of course), the first of many similar meals.  That's where this day ends...more soon :)

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  1. Ohhhhh... Your pictures brought back such plesant memories of my trip to Ireland! It was simply the best ever!


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