July 23, 2012

an idea

I'm entertaining an idea.  Earlier today, I found myself distraught over what to eat for lunch on any given day (I pack lunch for work, a task I despise, and usually end up with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every. single. day).  I end up this way frequently...without ideas of something new to try, it's always back to the same old stand-bys.  This has got to stop.  Especially now...it's summer, season-of-plenty.  Eating out is expensive.  Cooking is not that hard and it's rewarding.  So why don't I ever do it?
One reason is that I'm busy...I work all day during the week, work a second job two nights a week, play softball another night, and Friday-Sunday I'm with Evin.  But that shouldn't mean I can't make time to whip something up...
And another thing...all winter long I kept pledging I was going to work on my food photography and get good at it.  I bought a book, I was lent another stack of books, and I intended to comb through thrift stores looking for props...which, guess what?  Never happened.  Again-it's summer, ingredients are beautiful, it's light early in the morning til late at night...no more excuses!  Shoot beautiful food!
So...my idea?  A 365-esque project in food.  I already know this is a tall order...hence the -ESQUE modifier.  Somewhere in between a 52 weeks project and a 365.  I just don't know what you call that.  I think it would be really beneficial on a lot of levels...just haven't decided for sure yet!

1 comment:

  1. DO IT. It'll motivate you. And it'll be healthy. And awesome.
    It would make an awesome book too, just sayin'.


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