June 28, 2012

things i love thursday, ireland edition

  • rock beaches
  • full Irish breakfasts
  • plant-covered buildings
  • dramatic changes in tides
  • foxglove
  • Cadbury candy bars
  • castle ruins
  • waterproof shoes
  • pouring tea from a pot
  • sheep all over
I'm back from my trip!  The travels home were a bit of a nightmare, but the good news is that no photos seem to have been harmed in the process (I bothered TSA to hand-inspect my film multiple times, even though all of it was under ISO 800, because I didn't want to take any chances).  Six rolls of 120 are in the process of being scanned, 3 rolls of 35mm need to be processed, and about 1700 digital images are sitting in Lightroom waiting to be gone through and tidied up.
The trip itself was wonderful!  We kept ourselves busy running around the country seeing all that we could see in two and a half weeks, but I think we still only just scratched the surface.  Ireland is full of so many different landscapes that sometimes it was a bit surprising to think we were still in the same country.  We saw seaside, mountains, rolling hills, flat land, rivers and lakes, and lots and lots of sheep throughout.  The June weather was definitely different than what I'm used to at home, and though I brought shorts I didn't take them out of my bag and was usually wearing at least two layers.  

I still haven't really decided what the sharing process will be, so until I figure that out I'll probably upload slowly over on Flickr.   

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  1. things i love thursday: karly being back from ireland :)


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