March 13, 2015

kill devil hills

Another overdue post.  This time from our week at the beach last August!  The title of this post is a bit inaccurate, since we stayed in Kill Devil Hills but adventured up and down the Outer Banks.  Ah, well.  I have been traveling to the Outer Banks with my family for most of my life but only learned on this most recent trip where the name Kill Devil Hills comes from.  Apparently, back in colonial times when ships transported barrels of rum up and down the coast, ships that wrecked off the dangerous shores of the Outer Banks were pillaged by locals before they sank.  The rum, called "kill devil," was often hidden in the sand dunes...hence the name Kill Devil Hills.  Kind of cool.
Anyway, I figured since we're getting on a plane for an epic California adventure next week, I better take care of some of the backlog of past adventures here on the blog.

Elizabethan Gardens and scenes from the town of Manteo
Scenes from the resort
Bodie Island Light and Pea Island
Carova beach

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