March 15, 2015

hiking in the rain

Yesterday morning, while we were making breakfast, Evin asked if I wanted to go up and hike on the mountain. The answer is always yes! The forecast said rain but we packed our rain jackets and extra clothes and headed out anyway. We met his parents up there and did two hikes--first, the short Blackrock Summit loop, where we found lots of lichen, and then the Doyles River loop. The thing about waterfall hikes from Skyline drive along the top of the mountain and have to hike downhill to reach the waterfalls. Then it's a (sometimes steep) upward trek back up to the parking lot when you're done. It started to rain on the descent, but none of us reminded us of our hikes in Ireland, and the air was fresh and not too cold. Plus, the rain combined with the spring melt on the mountain meant the waterfalls were really flowing...I'm sure we wouldn't have gotten such a good view if we had gone in the summer. There are many perks to hiking in less-than-favorable weather!
I'm so glad we got out yesterday. The waterfalls were beautiful, even though the hike up afterwards was tough. We're warming up our hiking boots for California this week, and it was nice to get a comparison here on the east coast (weather, trees, our local national park) before heading to the west to explore. So exciting!

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