July 25, 2014

late july wildflowers

Yay!  I actually stuck to what I said a month ago...I went out and collected wildflowers for another arrangement.  By sheer coincidence, I did the first one (blog post here) on June 24, and this second one on July 24.  I was sort of dragging my feet, as most (if not all) of the flowers I used a month ago are still available for the picking and I didn't want to just make another version of the same thing.  But, I came across a good selection of new materials yesterday, so that's exciting!  It ended up being a purple and white arrangement...I also gathered some yellow flowers but decided not to use them.  This month's arrangement includes: crown vetch, phlox, honeysuckle (the second blooming of the year...I love having it in the house.  smells so good!), pokeweed, New York ironweed (a gorgeous deep-purple flower), some wispy grass, and a little Queen Anne's lace.  Now, if I manage a third arrangement in August...then this will be a real project ;)

Here's an Instagram of the mess I gathered (before it started to rain)...

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