June 25, 2014

late june wildflowers

These days, I'm the kind of person scanning the landscape, looking in ditches and open fields for splashes of color.  I'm looking for wildflowers, to see what's blooming now and to try identifying everything I come across.  I was struck with an idea…what if I were to collect an array of currently available wild plants, which I'd use to make an arrangement?  I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I started working for Nature Composed a few months ago, which has allowed me to learn a lot about flowers and how to arrange them.  Jenn makes gorgeous creations in all sorts of containers, perhaps my favorites being made in the footed bowl.  So, I borrowed this bowl from her yesterday and went out with a bucket and scissors to see what I could find.  I collected: wild sweet pea, queen anne's lace, trumpet creeper, tickseed, something I want to call thistle (but I'm not sure if that's right), something in the onion family, ferns and grasses.  Other flowers seen but not collected include chicory, black-eyed susan and daylily (I am not a fan of lilies in general and I've found the daylily doesn't do well in the house anyway).
Perhaps in a month I will take another sampling of wildflowers for another arrangement…it could be a fun project to do throughout the year (wish I'd thought of it three months ago!).


  1. I already commented on your Instagram about this but seeing these gorgeous photos I just have to say again that I LOVE this project idea! your arrangement is so lovely and the photos are drool-worthy! there's always next year for catching the earliest wildflowers :)

    belated congrats on getting a job with nature composed! i don't know if you had mentioned it before... but it seems like an exciting opportunity for you!

    1. Thank you so much Emily! Hopefully I will stay motivated to keep up the wildflower project :)


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