June 30, 2014

cave mountain lake

About a month ago, Evin and I took our first camping trip together.  We went with friends and drove a few hours south to Cave Mountain Lake, which truly was in the middle of nowhere!  It was Evin's first *real* camping trip but we still had a few welcome comforts, including bathrooms, warm showers, and access to water. I myself hadn't been camping in probably ten years…I used to go with family and with Girl Scouts, but camping as a kid is much different!
We arrived and set up camp, roasted hotdogs over the fire and were playing cards around the table by candle- and lantern-light when the rain came.  We retreated to our tents and listened to the thunderstorm…Evin and I were sleeping in a borrowed tent, hoping desperately that the thing was going to be completely waterproof.  While we felt damp all night, the tent stayed more or less dry and we were able to wake up…slightly stiff…to a rain-free morning.  The guys had to venture out in search of dry firewood and butter (HOW could I have forgotten the butter?) so we could cook our breakfast of potatoes, bacon and eggs.  Campfire coffee and tea in enamelware cups went along with our meal before we cleaned up and headed over to the lake to hike around and eat lunch.  We relaxed in the afternoon, playing badminton using a rope tied between two trees and preparing the black pot dinner (all while warding off another rainstorm).  Dinner finished cooking over the fire and we began to eat under a newly-rigged tarp when the rain began again, so we sat eating with one hand and holding up the tarp with the other, laughing and having a great time.  The next morning we had pancakes (which weren't very good, especially since instead of butter, all we could find was margarine…yuck) and packed up…overall, a successful trip!  We plan to have a couple more outings before summer's over…but first we need to buy our own tent.

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