November 4, 2013

the hawaiian honeymoon: around the top of west maui



Our last morning on O'ahu, we grabbed breakfast at the Rainbow Drive-In on the way to the airport.  Having seen it on the Food Network (yep...another one) AND been drawn in by the fun exterior, we had to make a stop.  After breakfast, we boarded our plane and were soon landing on Maui for our week's stay there.  We picked up the rental car to head to the resort, which was on the other side of West Maui from the airport.  I decided to navigate us up around the top of the island, despite my GPS insisting we go around the south side--my travel book listed many sites along the northern route and I was determined to check them out.  The road was precarious...VERY precarious in spots (well, you saw the photos) but there were plenty of spots to pull over and the views were stunning.  Our big stops included the Olivine Pools and Nakalele blowhole, which both required a mountain-goat-like trek down the rocks to get closer to the sea.  Finally, we reached our resort, ate fish tacos for dinner, and went to sleep after yet another tiring day.

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