November 14, 2013

shenandoah national park, in the fall

When the government shut down on October 1 and took all of the National Parks with it, I was bummed.  After getting back from sunny Hawaii, I really wanted to get up on Skyline Drive and enjoy an autumn hike, take in the changing leaves, and make some use of the annual pass we purchased in February.  The days wore on, the leaves began to change, and we couldn't visit the part.  Bummer!  When the government sorted itself out and the parks opened back up, we planned a hike that very weekend, joined by Evin's parents and Finley.  While the leaf "peak" had already passed (with nobody around to see it), there were still plenty of colors to see as we hiked the Rose River Loop (which we had done back in May on a foggy green day).  What's wonderful about the park (and living in a place where there are seasons) is that even though we had already done the hike, the visual experience was totally different.  It is a lovely trail, hugging the water for most of the way, and we will likely do it again and again.  After it was all said and done, we treated ourselves to delicious burgers and beer at Jack Brown's in Elkton.  Mmmm.  Now I'm hungry again!

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