April 30, 2013

corinne & brandon / married!

A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of photographing an intimate backyard wedding.  Corinne and I "met" through the internet (Flickr or Instagram, I'm not sure which was first?) and over the winter, she asked if I might shoot her wedding...we both live in the same state!  As the day approached, winter was hanging around longer than normal and I was starting to worry that things wouldn't be blooming like you'd expect in mid-April.  But, about a week before the big day, everything decided it was indeed spring and the trees bloomed beautifully.  The weather on the wedding day could not have been more perfect and after the sweet backyard ceremony, Brandon and Corinne had a few brilliant ideas for places to take portraits near their home, including historic Kenmore Plantation and a park with a small grove of tall pine trees.  I shot mostly with digital, but did bring my TLR along for a few shots, which are mixed in above.  Corinne & Brandon, it was great working with you and I wish you all the best!

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  1. not to be a total creep, but i think i found your flickr through tumblr somehow? and then your blog & then instagram once i finally got an iphone. haha, i don't think it's possible to not sound like a stalker when you're talking about people you follow on the internet...

    anyway karly, thanks again! i'll definitely be telling (and showing) everyone how awesome my wedding photographer was. :)


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