April 18, 2013

adventures of an amateur gardener: april 18, 2013

Radishes and carrots


Green onions planted from seed and onions planted from sets

The front bed, with beets in the foreground

Garden guardian
Buying a house meant acquiring a yard.  Finally, a place I can do whatever I want with plants.  I want to grow food!  Between watching documentaries about the hazards and evils of big agriculture and following Grow Food Not Lawns on Facebook, I am all fired up about becoming a gardener and growing healthy food.  The process started back in February, when I started buying seeds and starting them on our windowsills.  Buying seeds is a newfound weakness of mine.  I have so many packets now I don't know what to do with them!
On nice days in March, I was outside making places to plant.  There were a few vacant beds near the house which I dug up and planted first.  Then, Evin and Colin built me my tiered garden on the front hill.  It will be a bit of a learning curve trying to figure out how to best utilize the space, but I'm excited.  Apart from some Internet research and reading from a book about self-sufficiency on 1/4 acre, I'm pretty amateur...hence the name of this post (hopefully the start of a series to show the garden's progress).
So...above, you can see the state of the garden today.  I have seedlings on the steps, respectable plants in the front bed, and sprouts in other beds.  The first bed I planted was snowed on a few times, but everything is still coming along!  I can't wait til I can harvest something.  It's going to be the most exciting day ever.

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