June 24, 2015

the excellent california adventure: the beginning

A little over 3 months ago, Evin and I embarked on what turned out to be one of our most epic adventures yet. I have been begging him to take me to California to see "the trees" (the coast redwoods in the northern part of the state) for years, and finally, the trip was a reality. We planned an 11 day vacation, where we would fly to San Francisco and pick up a rental car, then drive to Monterey, Big Sur, Napa, Humboldt County, and then back to San Francisco to finish out the trip. These photos are from the first evening and then morning of our trip, arriving in Monterey, having dinner overlooking the water at Fisherman's Wharf, getting a good night's sleep in our hotel, and then sightseeing on the Seventeen Mile Drive. The day was far from over, but in order to avoid having a gigantic blog post with 75 photos, I'm stopping here for now...

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