May 14, 2014

karly gardens: may 14, 2014

Baby strawberries
Sunflower sprouts
Peony bud about to burst


Tomatoes are finally perking up
Peapods have appeared and are filling out
Pea plants are still flowering, too
A young Alaska nasturtium (with the most gorgeous variegated leaves)
Red beets
Carrots and blue curled kale
Bright Lights swiss chard
Lacinato kale
French breakfast radishes planted beneath brassicas
Romanesco (left) and cauliflower (right)
Massive romanesco leaves (but so far not producing that lime-green fractal head)
The terraces
Clematis given by our neighbor.  No blooms yet
Cucumber sprouts
Zucchini (or squash? one or the other)
Pumpkin sprouts
Save the Bees flower seed mix sprouting 
Hydrangea blossoms forming 
Spiderwort (another plant given to me by our neighbor)
Backyard scene
Spring is so much better than winter.  This is probably the most obvious statement I could have made, but I'm still so grateful that the warm season is here!  I have been working toward this garden for months (shopping seed catalogs in January, sowing seeds indoors from early February, digging on warmish days in March, etc) so seeing things become lush and begin to produce food is so very exciting.  I check on my plants every morning and again in the evenings, and sometimes during the day if I'm around, so the progress doesn't seem so rapid to me (though when I do find surprises, like the first pea pods of the season, it's SO exciting).  But, taking photos twice a month definitely illustrates the amazing difference two weeks can make.  
Soon we will be eating fresh, chemical-free strawberries that are growing feet from our door.  The peas will start to ripen in a few days and the lettuce, spinach, arugula continue to make fresh salads.  The kale is getting big and offering its leaves to juices and the sauté pan, the brassicas are becoming massive (I wish I knew when I'll start to see the beginnings of romanesco and cauliflower heads, though) and I have been able to harvest the odd sprig or two of herbs (the plants aren't very large yet).  The radishes began to bolt so I pulled them all up and replaced with a small row of green beans (a type that is actually purple on the plant) and I am waiting for my vine plants, which are in a new bed behind our house, to take off.  I. love. my. garden.
Another inspiring thing lately…The Edible Garden series on YouTube.  I think it originally aired on BBC but the 6 episodes are on YouTube now and I recommend them!  I watched them all this week…they chronicle a year in a British backyard garden with a charming lady and her gorgeous, kind of crazy edible paradise.  If you're into gardening (which maybe you are, if you're reading this), I definitely recommend. 
I suppose all that's left for this post is to share a few harvest Instagrams!

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