December 4, 2013

davis street

In the spirit of doing more to document daily life, I stuffed my camera in my purse before my mom and I left the lake in search of antiques.  I feel like it's important to note that I have this requirement that any purse I own is large enough to fit my camera and if needed, an extra lens.
We went antiquing in Culpeper, where I picked up a few new pieces of colored old glass (below) and an adorable old Brownie Bullet camera in great shape.  Afterward we got lunch at the Thyme Market on Davis Street, I had a donut from Knakals Bakery (OMG) and then walked around the shops for Small Business Saturday.  I love that little section of Culpeper…the buildings, the signs, and the shops themselves are all great.

And on an unrelated note, below are a few photos I took Sunday at the lake house.  The chocolate tart in the last photo was my first attempt at a tart and although it was a pain to make the pastry and fit it into the pan, the end result was (and still is) pretty dang delicious.

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