May 21, 2013

rose river

This past Sunday, Evin and I decided to get outside for some fresh air in the mountains.  The weather was grey and the forecast mentioned the possibility of a bit of rain, but I had a mission and after Ireland last summer, a bit of rain wasn't about to deter me from a hike in the woods.  I was recently invited to contribute to Words to Shoot By, a blog I have followed and admired for the past few years.  The first word was "see," which I thought about for awhile and ultimately figured that a gorgeous hike would be a good place to snap my photos.  The hike was the Rose River Loop on Skyline Drive and the weather was perfectly foggy (which, as you probably know, is my favorite).  Finley, Evin and I found plenty to photograph along the river (and the rain even stayed away).  I've probably already said too much...the photos should speak for themselves!


  1. So pretty, I want to go hiking!

  2. so jealous! you picked a perfect morning to go hiking on skyline. :)


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