February 22, 2013

ice cream sandwiches

It has actually been weeks and WEEKS since I have posted anything on my blog.  It's shameful, I know!  We've been pretty busy getting settled into our new home, so I haven't made much time for blogging.  Oops!  But, things are good and exciting and I am here to share a few delicious photos of some treats I made, shot with my brand new full frame camera.  It's amazing and wonderful and a dream to shoot so I think you can expect me around these parts more often :)

PS the black background is my new chalkboard wall in our kitchen.  Can't decide whether I'm more excited about writing on it or photographing in front of it...because I'm really excited about both!


  1. Karly, these look so tasty! My husband made chocolate chip cookies tonight and I've got some caramel ice cream in the freezer. I might have to combine the two!

  2. beautifully shot, and what fun to have a chalkboard wall in your kitchen! I'd be excited too.
    Happy weekend :-)

  3. I want to eat this... also the first photo looks like it came out of a magazine. Welcome back to the bloggerverse.


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