October 22, 2013

the hawaiian honeymoon: earth and sea






Our last full day on Oahu was another day of new experiences!  We started with an enormous pancake breakfast, then walked along the beach in Waikiki.  We fed fish and birds with sunflower seeds, checked out the old Natatorium (now in a sad state of decay), and photographed huge Banyan trees.  Then we got in our cars to head to the botanical gardens in the shadow of the mountains and wandered around among native and foreign plants.  Eventually we'd had enough of the heat, so we headed back to Honolulu to lounge by the pool and sip Mai Tais before Seamus had to get ready for his sailing race. Tina, Evin and I anticipated just hanging out until the race was over so we could head out on the sunset cruise, but we were in luck...there were spots on the sailboat so we got to go along!  Since the boat was racing, it wasn't a leisurely sail (I kept my camera below deck because I definitely would have dropped it in the ocean otherwise) but took a few photos with my iPhone, which I'll post eventually.  Being on the sailboat was a ton of fun though, and I think Evin is ready to get a sailboat of his own!  The sun set while we were out there, which was a beautiful thing, before we came back into the marina to pick up a few more passengers to head out again.  We then watched the moon rise over Waikiki and a few minutes later, the Friday night fireworks were launched.  It was a pretty awesome Friday night!  After returning to the marina a second time, we had cocktails at the yacht club and then a late night sushi meal.  Phew!
Next up: Maui!

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