August 19, 2013

a summertime return to film

Since moving into my own house and away from my convenient photo lab, I haven't been shooting really any film at all.  I loaded my Yashica in June and it took me until the beginning of August to finish the roll of film, but then I shot another roll in about a week and had them both developed one day when I was back home.  Gotta love one-hour processing (when compared to weeks of mailing/waiting).
Anyway, I've been loving the flowers this summer and wanted to document them whenever I could.

  1. Lilies in Madison
  2. Hydrangeas hiding between buildings
  3. Dahlias at Wollam Gardens
  4. Lake Shenandoah
  5. Our wedding photographer photographing my fiancé during our engagement session in July
  6. Hollyhock love
  7. Candles in jars
  8. Bright and beautiful local blooms
  9. Foraging for wineberries
  10. Red shed, from Evin's grandparents' porch in Pennsylvania
  11. Black-eyed susans at dusk
  12. Finally! Sunflowers!

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