April 9, 2011

greenhouses through a fish's eye

Ok, so not all of these are photos of greenhouses and not all of them are even taken with a fisheye, but it's early and the title was the best I could do.  During our photowalk yesterday, I borrowed Paul's 10.5mm fisheye and was so amused!  I could take a photo of the top of a nearby tree while still fitting my shoes in the frame (see the first shot).  I know a fisheye are really an expensive lens to have for the capabilities it possesses but it was really cool to play with nonetheless!  (I really prefer the full-frame type fisheyes over the ones that produce a circular image inside of a black frame)


  1. Oh, I get what you mean by a full-frame fisheye. I thought you were talking about DX vs. FX since the circular picture fisheyes aren't even on my radar.

  2. Great series! Fisheyes is fun.


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